Americans Believe Marijuana is Safer Than Candy

Americans Believe Marijuana is Safer Than Candy

“Americans believe sugar is a greater detriment to a person’s health than smoking marijuana! At least that’s the findings in a recent poll, which indicates most of the population would rather “Just Say No” to candy bars than turn down weed.

Although marijuana is still illegal across most of the United States, the federally deemed Schedule I “dangerous substance” is now just as much a household staple in this country as white bread and toilet paper, according to a recent survey by The Wall Street Journal and NBC News

That’s because most of the population appears to have finally embraced the leaf, as only 8 percent of the survey respondents said they believed marijuana was more dangerous than sugar – 15 percent stated the popular sweetener was the most destructive substance a person could put into their body.”


Natural Wonder

In today’s society, the cannabis plant is often associated with a negative connotation. It is often said to be a harmful substance that has no medical value. Well, the people who say that are ignorant to the true qualities of cannabis, and are highly misinformed.

Smoking cannabis, or marijuana/ganja/weed/pot, has so much potential as a natural medicine, and as an activity that can bring people together.

Studies have been done that have shown that cannabis interacts with cancerous tumors in a way that causes the tumors to basically commit suicide.

The social qualities of marijuana are even more remarkable. I have heard stories, and even experienced it myself, where using the cannabis plant has brought bonding opportunities to people who never would have bonded if it weren’t for the plant.

This is not to say that there aren’t any negatives to using the cannabis plant, but, there sure are less negatives than positives.

The cannabis plant is a miraculous plant, and people need to do research and not just trust what they heard from someone else. Decide for yourself whether you think it is right for you or not.

NOTE: This post is not to say, go out and smoke some marijuana. It is to give you a few facts on the subject and to provide you some inspiration to go out and seek further knowledge about it.

What Will Be The Next Bitcoin?

With all of these new alternate coins coming out such as, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Vertcoin, which has the highest chance of being worth as much as Bitcoin?

There are so many new coins coming out, and they all seem to have a community behind them that claims, “This will be the next Bitcoin!” I have seen countless posts on Reddit stating such ideas.

I’m currently alternating the altcoins that I mine. I used to mine Dogecoin, but the difficulty got too high to be profitable for me. So, I mine Cryptogenic Bullion, Potcoin, and Reddcoin. No one has ever even heard of most of these coins, so the difficulty is not that high at all. I mine mainly Potcoin, because the coins are supposed to be used in the marijuana industry, which is an industry that I firmly believe in. I mine Reddcoin, because I appreciate the concept of having a coin meant for social tipping. I believe that Reddcoin has a high potential for growth. The last altcoin I mine, Cryptogenic Bullion, is the most valuable of the three and that is really the only reason I mine it.

Which altcoin do you think has the most potential?

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